DAISY Global (Tron smart Contract) and Endotech (AI crypto trading)

Would you like to join a team of independent entrepreneurs positioned in several countries across the globe where support and duplication is their strength? 

With the official launch just a few hours away, on the 4th of January, 2020; transparent AI trading is about to meet crowdfunding. 

Believe it or not, we are just about to walk into yet another new era. In this new era, Decentralized technologies such as smart contracts and Blockchain will embrace streamlined business models and financial eco-system. 

DAISY Global is one of the great tools that will usher us into this new era where we will experience Blockchain in a whole new light. 

What is DAISY?

DAISY stands for Decentralized AI System and it is a disruptive crowdfunding model for financial technologies whose underlying technology is a TRON-based smart contract. It is not a company but rather a DeFi App; a model where everyone wins with equity and rewards. Members receive exclusive stock equity and profit rewards.  

Essentially, it has the following characteristics: 

  • The TRON smart contract technology allows for safe interaction between DAISY and its members 
  • The TRON Blockchain enables the scaling of transaction capacity has low transaction fees 
  • All Smart Contract transactions are transparent for verification on the Blockchain 
  • It is immutable and in-destructive. Its creators expect that once it is launched, it will persist to the end of time. 

DAISY will use next-generation AI Crypto technology and is expected to multiply the current AI performance by four times. DAISY is the first project capitalized by the DAISY Crowdfund and 85% of trading profits are rewarded back to the DAISY global members. 

Endotech, the technology partner 

Endotech AI is DAISY’s first official technology partner. It is a global fintech company headquartered in Israeli and focused on developing AI and Algo-trading content for the cryptocurrency market. 

Their Roadmap is set to be publicly traded 4th quarter of 2021. Currently providing AI trading systems for top financial institutions. It also has a proven track record of high-performance results. 

Its CEO and founder is DR. Anna Becker; at age 19 she solved a mathematical equation that had remained unsolved for 20 years. That’s what earned her a professor title at the local university, she has a track record of launching successful cryptocurrency projects. 

Endotech founders have 90 plus years in trading in different markets. Their marketing slogan is “Endotech outperforms Crypto HODL since 2017”. 

Endotech will use the DAISY crowdfunding model to fund their AI development. This will enable them to hire more quant scientists and build the next data center they need to operate this new technology. 

DAISY is Endotech’s path to becoming a public company. 

DAISY Compensation plan 

  1. Upfront income 
  2. Residual income from trading profits 
  3. Stock equity 

The Matrix 

  • 10 crowdfund packages are available that will double with every generation 
  • The referral plan will be used to collect $10 M of funding 
  • Members can choose from 10 crowdfunding packs that start with just $100
  • Every contributor gets their equal share of 5% Endotech stock 
  • 50% to 70% of each pack goes into DAISY funds for trading 
  • 70% of the trading profit is rewarded back to the contributor 
  • 15% of the trading profit is rewarded to the residual referral pan, back to the smart contract 
  • The referral plan plays out up to 46% to members 

Joining Daisy AI

  • Daisy AI affiliate membership starts at $100.
  • Full participation in the attached income opportunity costs $102,300.
  • Note that Daisy AI only accepts tether (USDT).


D.AI.SY seems to be one of its kind as far as we can judge. It has some solid fundamentals of the connection between D.AI.SY Global and Endotech can be confirmed.